Wink, previously known as TRONBet, is a blockchain-based gaming platform built on the TRON network. Its native token, WIN, is used to place bets and make transactions within the platform – one of the most important sources of demand for the coin.

The purpose of creating Wink is to offer decentralized gaming applications in the market. Creating qualified applications is one of the main goals of the developers of this digital platform. So, it can be said that the Wink team consists of capable game designers who intend to take the lead in designing quality games with various startups.

There are two tokens related to the Wink platform. The TRC20 token, named WIN, is on the Teron blockchain and another which is called BEP2 is on the Binance blockchain. The total supply of Wink currency is 999 billion. These tokens are proffered in a variety of forms, including primary offerings, secondary markets, advertising, and airdrops.

A bit of history

As mentioned, the Wink platform used to be called TronBet. Tron was the first decentralized platform to be launched on the blockchain. Over time, developers interested in decentralized betting and gaming renamed the platform Wink in 2019. From the very beginning, the developers offered coins and raised about $ 6 million. It was then that Wink was included in the list of digital currencies of various exchanges, including Binance Exchange.

By now, you have probably wondered who the developers of this platform are. These people, like the decentralized platform itself, are present around the world in a decentralized manner. A group of people who specialize in game design and application development, make up the members of the development team. In the resume of the members of this team, you can see fair examples of activities in the blockchain. The main idea for Wink comes from putting together blockchain technology as well as games.

The primary founders were only three, but in a short time, the team expanded. Now, 13 members from around the world are working together to further develop the Wink platform.

Wink cryptocurrency: WIN

Creative design in games is one of the most important uses of WIN currency. Game development and sharing on different networks are all done with the help of this currency. It is good to know that those who use wink will be identified by an indicator called WinPower. Win Power is calculated based on the number of tokens the user holds. In this way, the more tokens a user has, the more Win Power collects. Therefore, each day, depending on the amount of WinPower of the user, the system provides a certain number of tokens; As a result, the number of tokens will be proportional to the amount of WinPower.

Benefits of WINk digital platform

Wink platform has several advantages, including:

– Users’ full control over data

– Ability to use other cryptocurrencies on it

– Ability to significantly reduce data on the Wink platform

– The more games users play, the more currency they can earn.

– Easy auditing of all projects, using smart contracts

– Define rewards for users

A bit of Future

In predicting the future of WIN cryptocurrency, we must look at different factors. mainly, the plans and goals that the founders have in mind. In this sense, since WIN is a decentralized platform on the blockchain, developers’ plans and goals for it will be extremely clear and successful. On the other hand, the volume of transactions that take place in this context is also high at present.

The Wink platform has not made any mistakes so far, which could be a not-so-strong but relatively important sign in predicting its future. At the time of writing, the currency’s position in the digital market is 156, with its price standing at $0.0001.

In general, gaming platforms are very popular in the crypto market, and Wink will be successful in this regard. The reward system for the users mentioned earlier is also a way to increase the value of the currency by extending the retention time of the users, which can determine a bright future for the currency.

Final points

As one of the most targeted cryptocurrencies in the market, WIN is a popular currency in this market, especially in the gaming sector. In this article, we have described all the features and characteristics of this currency and examined its history. We also anticipate the future of this currency to some extent, and according to the plans of its developers, we ask you to be hopeful.

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