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Once you’ve joined our customer base, you can buy USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies instantaneously using a variety of payment options. We’ll transfer your new coin into your crypto wallet once you’ve completed the purchase, giving you a convenient and safe way to manage your crypto holdings. You can immediately trade your purchased crypto on our UAE cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can purchase crypto via bank transfer from any bank in UAE and you can also visit our office in Dubai and make the payment in cash and get your crypto on the spot using our over-the-counter (OTC) service.

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Instant Transactions

Crypto Desk is a platform with a large transaction volume and precise rates based on real-time market updates. We offer faster processing time for both crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto transactions for local customers. The amount will be instantaneously transferred to the traders’ accounts.

We work with you throughout the process to answer all of your questions in order to establish a pleasant, long-term relationship. Want to buy and sell Bitcoin in Dubai? Chat with us today to get started right away.

Invest in Cryptocurrency Today

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have become the topic of the region. But most people have a very vague awareness of what they’re. However, nowadays, it’s easier to find resources to learn more about the subject for making profitable investments.
In a short period of time, digital currencies have brought about broad changes in return rates. As a result, you can earn huge returns that cannot be obtained from any other investments, no matter how high their returns are.

Don’t know where to start or want to buy Bitcoin in Dubai? Just follow our social media channels and get the latest news and updates about the crypto market, and have access to many hidden gems that can be useful for profitable returns.

What Makes Us Better Than P2P Crypto Exchanges

Our competitive advantage over P2P trading platforms and other local exchanges makes us the preferred choice for high-caliber investors as well as newbies.

Liquidity is the most important thing to consider while trading on over-the-counter markets. The liquidity on online cryptocurrency trading sites is often low. Because OTC desks allow you to acquire a big volume of cryptocurrency, buying cryptocurrencies via our OTC marketplace decreases the danger of price slippage. P2P crypto trading platforms, on the other hand, frequently have difficulty properly executing huge orders, so they divide them up into smaller bits. As a result, buying a significant quantity of bitcoins at a specific price is challenging.



Our OTC platform empowers buyers and sellers to make direct transactions, without any restrictions that P2P crypto trading sites impose.



Most P2P crypto trading platforms allow investors to buy Bitcoin in Dubai and other well-known cryptocurrencies. However, you can purchase a significant number of lesser-known crypto coins via our OTC platform, which are not generally available on other trading sites.