Prada Linked the Time capsule Initiative with NFTs

Prada Linked the Time capsule Initiative with NFTs
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The fashion industry just keeps experimenting with the whole NFT market. This time it was Prada’s turn to grab the attention with its limited NFT offer. What innovation do you like to see in the industry?



There are a lot of big fashion names roaming around the NFT market.

The latest updates of such efforts are all pointing toward another big name: Prada

The Italian luxury powerhouse first stepped into the NFT world in January, collaborating with Adidas Originals.

Now it is introducing NFTs of its own limited edition Timecapsule.

The Timecapsule initiative started in December 2019 and drops on the first Thursday of every month.

The highly anticipated product drop is only available for 24 hours.

But something was different on the first Thursday of June.

The buyers not only purchased the physical product, but they also gained the ownership of an NFT.

Prada can certainly bring a whole new level of class to the NFT industry.

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