The metaverse world has attracted many celebrities so far. Recently, Snoop Dogg, the American rapper, has tried to use the potentials and possibilities of this space.



Snoop Dogg, the American rapper, released a music video in the Sandbox recently

Sandbox is a game based on Blockchain

The Music video is his first serious step to make a presence in the Sandbox

Snoop Dogg is planning to hold a concert in the Sandbox later this year

He is going to build Snoopverse, a place specifically made for his musical products

Snoop’s fans will watch his avatar performing concerts exclusively in Snoopverse

Snoop Dogg is an NFT collector, using the alias Cozmo de Medici

He has $17 million worth of NFTs

Entering the Metaverse world can have a big return on investment for him


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