An old wish has come to reality just by the fact that now it is possible to earn real money from an augmented world. all should notice that even to accumulate profits in the Decentraland you need to pay off, whether you want to buy land or just want to mint some wearables to sell. However, after all, it is a new intact sphere ready to cultivate.



These scenes can easily explain how people can raise money in the Decentraland if just ask themselves these questions. A virtual ceremony? Payment for non-real wearables? Renting a place in a digital world?

Ways to raise money in the Decentraland are various but still basic.

The most common way is to buy land to keep it and sell it after the cost increases Or just rent it to the other the Decentraland’s citizens or use it for advertising However, it may not be decisive, yet it could be worthwhile.

The second simple way to gain profit here is to buy its coin: MANA

MANA is the 34th most valuable token standing at $1.98. Like any other tokens, you can buy MANA and go through trading with it, or less challenging if keep it until the right time to sell the next part is where they all make most of the money: video games.

Play-to-earn games are conquering the metaverse including the Decentraland where you can attain NFTs or wearables by winning the games. You can then sell these assets for a profit Just a small reminder: to make a significant amount of profit, you’ll need to grind a huge amount of time.

The next way that requires more effort is to create clothes and sell wearables Being exceptional and recognizable is the backbone of the Decentraland games so here is a good hole to dig But you have to make an effort: first, you should know something about 3D modeling, and second, is that for selling each piece you need to invest 500 MANA Except for these two ways you can use your marketing talent to create a hub of designers and make hype around it the final advice here is neither simple nor easy You have the chance to work in the Decentraland either as an employee or a freelancer.

As an employee, you can reach some places in the Decentraland that offer jobs in casinos And as a freelancer, you can find #hiring on the Decentraland Discord to be informed about new jobs These opportunities include coding, making videos and art, marketing, and many more

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