Since everyone is talking about the value of buying NFTs, this is an overview of the bests which owning them can show your opponents how far you can get and of course, how good they are for investing in 2022.



Since everyone is talking about the value of buying NFTs, this is an overview of the bests for investing in 2022.

Lucky Block NFTs

The most attractive NFT to ride on is the Platinum Roller$ Club collection, in which each of the 10,000 unique NFTs, proffers valuable features to the holder and a ticket to the Lucky Block’s lottery, worthing the jackpot of the day.

Unapologetic Apes

It is the latest generation of NFT apes, called U-Ape, including 5000 unapologetic Apes, each with their unique characteristics living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The ape also plays as the membership to the U-APES Community and gives you exclusive access to member’s only Merch, Airdrops, Unapologetic City metaverse, upcoming Events, and much more.

Pudgy Penguins

Contained of 8,888 NFTs, the collection details fun cartoon penguins with varied features although the NFT collection’s founders have been ousted, its floor price of it has increased. Thus it is promising for investment.


The other best NFT to buy includes 10,000 pieces, which have been drawn by Tulip, Poopie, and Burnt Toast the sought-after collection floor price is 16 ETH which makes some people shocked, but regarding the developers have shown the capacity to further success .


As another NFT of cherished CryptoPunks, the Meebits collection comprises 20,000 3D characters that each one is algorithmically-generated and includes a unique combination of shoes, glasses, eye color, tattoos, and more the founders’ names are enough for a laser shift in NFT related decisions.

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