People with big hearts not only want to donate to altruistic campaigns but also want to know where and how the funds are spent. Giveth has worked out a blockchain-based solution to make the whole process transparent, decrease the overhead costs, and give the governance rights to donors. What’s your opinion about this solution? Does it encourage altruistic activities?



Let’s dig deep into an ethical dilemma

You want to donate to good causes and it makes you feel good and can accomplish good goals

But you have second thoughts as you don’t know how the money is spent, we get it

Giveth DAC gets it too, so they’ve come up with a good solution

Giveth is a Decentralized Altruistic Community operating on the Ethereum blockchain

It exploits 4 useful blockchain features:

1- Traceability to hold campaigners accountable

2- Decentralization to increase the transparency

3- User Control to give donors governance power

4- Automation to decrease the overhead


People who want their altruistic campaigns funded can create a campaign in Giveth DApp

They have to make clear how much they need for each milestone

Donors can donate to the campaign as a whole or a specific milestone

GIV tokens are minted according to the amount of donation and released for donors to claim

Donors can in turn use these tokens in Givgarden as means of governance and project verification

Through these steps, Giveth is hopeful to shape “The Future of Giving”


As a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform, Crypto Desk is excited to see the rise of decentralized systems like Giveth DApp that aim to make the world a better place through blockchain technology.

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