When it comes to NFTs and DeFi, Solana is one of the most popular blockchains in the world. Low fees and fast transactions have put it among the Top NFT marketplaces. As such, we are seeing more NFTs on Solana every day and you can see the most hyped ones here.

#1 Great Goats Release

date: June 5Th

Price: 2.75 SOLs

Amount: 11,111 NFT

type: 2D Avatar


#2 Vandal City Release

date: June 6Th

Price: 3 SOLs

Amount: 10,000 NFT

Type: 2D Avatar


#3 Just APE Release

Date: 2022

Price: TBD

Amount: 10,000 NFT

Type: 2D Avatar


#4 Women 404 Ukraine Release

Date: June 5th

Price: 0.8 SOL

Amount: 404 NFT

Type: Hand Drawn Collection

Founder: Alex Packer

#5 Sol Coin Collections Release

Date: June 11th

Price: 1.00 SOL

Amount: 7,000 NFT

Type: Coin collection

Founder: DARKO

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