10 years ago, if you asked “who can make money from jokes?” the answer would be “comedians.” But in the cryptocurrency world, the answer is far from “comedians.” Meme coins are cryptocurrencies that were inspired by memes and jokes on social media. Now some of them are responsible for billions of dollars. Do you want to invest in meme coins? Watch this video.

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies inspired by famous memes or jokes in social media.

Since meme coins are heavily driven by the community and social media sentiment, they are highly volatile.

The most famous meme coins are inspired by canine memes and Elon Musk tweets. Here are the Top3:

#3 Dogelon Mars

Several hundreds of dollars put Dogelon Mars in good shape but far behind the two alpha dogs.

#2 Shiba Inu

This one made many people super-rich. And a 7-billion dollar market cap for a meme? Just jaw-dropping.

#1 DogeCoin

The first meme to be minted as a coin, Elon Musk’s pet that now is an 11-billion dollar alpha.

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