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Everybody knows that the blockchain play-to-earn games generally don’t have a good gaming quality. But, Theta Arena is an exception to that general rule. The hero arena game makes it possible for you to play a really fun game and earn money by relying on your gaming skills. Are you playing Thetan Arena? What’s your rank?

Thetan Arena is an arena hero free-to-play-to-earn game based on blockchain.

The Vietnamese company, WolfFun, first launched Heroes Strike in September 2018.

In August 2021, the company re-released Hero Strike as a blockchain game under the name Thetan Arean.

There are two main coins in Thetan Arean: Thetan Gem (THG) and Thetan Coin (THC).

THG is a governance coin, and you can collect it by playing or purchasing it directly.

THC is more like a currency, and you can buy different heroes with it.

When you reach a certain amount of THC and rank, you can cash it out for money.

Although it is free-to-play, if you spend money on buying better heroes, you can earn more.

The most important thing about Thetan Arena is the gameplay.

It is a real fun game to play, which is a rare quality in blockchain-based games.

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