The beautiful thing about this era is that you can play, enjoy, and make some money out of it. The Gods Unchained is just another example of this fact. It is basically a card game with the potential of owning NFTs and trading them for a profit.

Are you ready to play on the border of Death, Magic, and War?

Are you a fan of deeply-engaging strategic card games?

Then Gods Unchained is the best answer for you In this game, you will be dealing with Creatures, Relics, Spells, and the God Power The graphics and overall gameplay are at a high level.

You can customize a deck of cards, play, AND EARN MONEY.

There are 3 ways to earn in-game items and sell them on marketplaces like Immutable X:

#1 You can earn obtain expansion packs of NFTs based on your performance and Weekend Ranking

#2 You can fuse non-NFT core cards together and “Forge” tradable and playable NFT cards

#3 There are also Play-to-Earn events where you can earn greater

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