Although PayPal delivered a lot of mini revolutions in the payment sphere, it looks a little antiquated against crypto. Just to have a better understanding of this statement, take a look at this video, which is a comparison between the two in five different aspects.

PayPal was a robust way of payment in its day but now looks old-fashioned compared to the crypto payment.

The difference between the two makes it clear that crypto payment is the way to go in the future.

We are going to compare the two methods in five different areas to have a better picture.

Transaction Fees

PayPal, as a centralized network, has a staggering fee of up to 5-7% of the transaction amount.

The crypto payment has a substantially lower transaction fee, much less than $1 for each transaction.

Transaction Speed

Both are instant on paper, but the PayPal system can block the money even for 180 days.

Crypto payments are a lot faster, even with much lower fees, but you should double-check the address.


PayPal accounts are relatively easy to hack for a professional hacker.

Crypto accounts are much more resilient against hacking attempts, and a BTC paper address is considered unbreakable.

Cross-Border Payments

Although the PayPal is a reliable method, it is restricted or even unusable in some countries.

Making cross-border payments is maybe the best function of crypto transactions.

User Experience

PayPal is easy-to-use for almost everyone, and frankly, it is its best feature.

With the advancement of multi-currency wallets, the crypto user experience is getting better.

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