The whole world does not love Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, many bitcoin skeptical are rich people who are not unlikely to enter the market in the future. Warren Buffett is one of those whose recent remarks have provoked hilarious reactions.

The 91-year-old billionaire, Warren Buffett despised Bitcoin once again, saying he “wouldn’t take” all the BTC in the world for just $25.

Speaking about the crypto market growth, Buffett also asserted that he has no idea if the value of BTC will increase.

While he vouched that “it doesn’t produce anything”

Already Buffett once called Bitcoin “rat poison squared”

The remarks provoked negative reactions among crypto proponents, especially on social media.

The well-known Elon Musk reacted to the comments, tweeting:

Haha he says “Bitcoin” so many times.

While Michael Saylor commented: Everyone can’t stop talking about #Bitcoin.

Scott Lewis, the co-founder of Defipulse, also mocked Buffett on Twitter, posting:

Warren Buffett thinking crypto is worth zero is funny bc he has literally no idea that Ethereum just had a customer pay $150M to use the software for 2 hours .

However, Buffett is not the only billionaire to have such a biting view of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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