Is BTC having a rough year? Of course, it is. Is that a signal to run away and leave everything behind? Of course, it is NOT. According to some experts, this year may be a long-term bottom for BTC, and after that, we have a great ROI.

The best opportunity to invest in Bitcoin is closer than ever, and the BTC party may start this year.

Many experts believe that Bitcoin is showing patterns of halving cycles.

In this cyclic analysis, this year would be the last bearish year of a 4-year cycle.

So, at some point in 2022, BTC will hit a macro floor; somewhere between $14000 and $21000.

After hitting the cycle bottom, the price will recover and spend most of 2023 around $28-40k.

So, if you but BTC below $20k, it probably has the best 3-year % ROI.

Many big names have also predicted bottoms of around $15-20k.

Many others have shown interest in the BTC of Q4 of 2022, especially if it would be below $20k.

Of course, the market cannot be predicted with laser accuracy.

But such long-term patterns are always fascinating and provide us with landscapes.

What is your moving strategy for the crypto market of 2022?

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