You may still have questions about NFT since it is a new notion, yet. Simply said, Nonfungible Tokens (NFT) are productions as simple as a jpeg artwork to the most complicated video games. It so happened that the flow which started from Beeple, CryptoPunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club has now reached Nike, Disney, and Adidas.

It’s not weird if you are still confused by what NFT is or how it works. Thus, this article is going to answer some questions about the lovely innovation. An NFT can be traded like any physical art which has many differed uses; from enabling artists to command their own fees, own their work and take control of their own IP to setting up online schools and funding film projects. But the issues of NFT gaming, NFT crypto, or how to sell or buy NFTs will be addressed in other focused articles. So, the first and most important question here will be:

What are NFTs?

Nonfungible tokens are digital files that are designed to be secure so the ownership and create scarcity be persevered. An NFT can be traded like any other physical art while the artist can hold the copyright, or sell it to buyers, or even decide the on a percentage of secondary sales an owner can have.

What are NFT uses?

NFT initially is a form of digital file which may be a jpeg of a piece of art, a picture, video, or even real estate. Tokenizing these files and securing them on a blockchain make buying, selling, or trading them efficient and protected.

What’s the relation between NFT and crypto?

These nonfungible tokens are blockchain-held tokens, representing a unique physical or digital asset. These tokens are kept on cryptocurrency blockchains, being traded using various token such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, etc. That is to say, they are tied to the ebb and flow of cryptocurrency values.

Are NFTs legal?

Yes, NFTs are legit. However, the term and use are so broad that it may stumble across scams and schemes that aren’t. Therefore, it’s been said repeatedly that do not enter this field without research, never accept free NFT and stay away from anything smells of trouble.

Why are people interested in NFTs?

There are many reasons which can convince people to buy NFTs. Many believe these assets are valuable to collect and see them as investments. Some other adore the art or the technology behind NFTs. This is while there are more and more people who think NFT is a good way to launch products, raise funding, and give voice to marginalized groups.

Ways to make money from NFTs

The number of ways to make money through NFTs is increasing daily, but so far there have been methods that we will discuss here in order of value:

Play-to-Earn games: By playing these games, you can own the assets you earn or unlock during a game. These assets which are NFTs are collectable and salable within a game’s store or on a marketplace.

– Collection: there is an option in which you can collect NFTs, hold, and sell them when their value increase.

Flipping NFTs: many choose the risky way of buying some NFTs and try to sell it at a higher price. It is not impossible but so stressful.

Create NFT: What sets NFT apart from other innovations is its accessibility. This means that anyone who knows a little about computers can produce one. and even an NFT collection a project to fund other a project.

Investing in NFT projects: the ones who are interested in NFTs can find new projects and get in early. Often you can be involved in the Discord community and get on the ‘whitelist’.

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Where can NFT be bought and sold?

NFT marketplaces are the most common places to buy or sell NFTs. These marketplaces are platforms which are specifically created to showcase NFTs. The number one marketplace is OpenSea. Rarible, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Magic Eden and Foundation are in the next ranks after that.

Is NFT good for investment?

It depends on who asks. NFTs can increase and decrease in value, and not all NFT projects are designed to make you money (some are created to raise money for charity, for example). Also, just because a piece of art has been tokenized doesn’t mean it will be valuable. Do your research, and ask questions, such as who is behind the project, what will you own, and how can the NFT used?

Are NFTs a pyramid scheme?

Critics would say yes, and there have been dodgy projects and schemes that have fallen apart and left buyers with nothing. But many NFTs are fine and there are good artists creating in this space. In recent months NFTs have evolved from simply being about ways to make investors’ money to projects with ‘utility’ – long-term uses in the metaverse and in real life.

Who are the largest group of NFT enthusiasts?

I seems that millennials are the largest group buying NFTs, while Gen-X and Gen-Z are coming in close behind. Older groups keep their distance from this innovation, for now. There are also a growing linear art and corporate communities that are picking up NFTs as investments are showcasing them in the receptions of offices and hotels.

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