Over time, many different business foundations have been changed, and prominent businesses and brands that do not want to stay out of different trends are trying to adapt to each coming one that now is Metaverse.

In recent years, the popularity of blockchain and non-replaceable tokens (NFT) has been doubled, and many fashion brands have made great efforts to attract, validate, and connect with customers around the world through the new technologies.

Now you may have questions about which brands have NFTs in their product portfolio or which one has the best NFT. If you are curious to know the top 5 NFT fashion brands, then do not miss this article.

Trading in digital spaces like Metaverse which does not have any borders has brought many benefits, including new opportunities, the possibility of buying and selling in different parts of the world, more brand communication with the audience, as well as more effective advertising and visibility.

Many prominent fashion brands have become interested in or even entered the world of digital commerce. Brands such as Prada, Richmont, LVMH, and the well-known Louis Vuitton have embraced NFTs and blockchain technology as part of their business strategy. Meanwhile, the cooperation between them has led to the creation of the Aura blockchain group, facilitating their services for customers.

Blockchain will allow customers to track the history and authenticity of the product and identify the origin of the raw materials used to make their purchase. Of course, it will also allow them to search and find a particular product in a specific store while letting them do business activities in the market.

Using the convenience of blockchain and NFT, luxury fashion brands from Bulgari and Cartier to Hublot and Prada are all joining the different NFT platforms. other brands such as Burberry, Coach, and Longines have also started selling NFT at their virtual fashion show.

Having all said, let’s look at the list of the 5 best NFTs in the fashion industry.


The brand was founded in 2019 and became one of the best sellers of virtual sneakers. In early 2021, the business launched a collaboration project with Fewocious, a cryptographic artist, to become one of the best NFTs on the market.

Three virtual designed sneakers were available. The potential buyers could try them on via Snapshot and, after approval, enter an auction to purchase.

Then the highest bidder gets the chance to buy a pair of physical sneakers. The partnership was a huge success for the collection, selling 600 pairs of sneakers in less than 7 minutes and generating $ 3.1 million in revenue.

RTKFT is now working with The Fabricant to create a new collection of 7 virtual items for $ 8 million in the final round of fundraising. It is also worth mentioning that the American company Nike intends to serve and contribute to the development of RTFKT creative communities and expand its digital footprint.

Dolce & Gabbana at UNXD

The imminent Dolce & Gabbana auctioned a collection of nine pieces at Fashion Week for $ 5.56 million, and buyers of each NFT received not only NFT but also physical versions of items and exclusive access to D&G events. In addition, the luxury platform NFT UNXD plans to launch a $ 10 million cultural fund to expand the use of NFT in the fashion industry.

Louis Vuitton and NFT collectible Games

The cherished brand introduced Louis the Game, an adventure-style game that combined the two worlds of fashion and technology during which, players traveled to different lands to collect 200 candles as a symbol of the brand’s 200th anniversary. The adventure will include 30 hidden NFTs, 10 of them have been produced in collaboration with Beeple, the popular NFT artist.


The prominent Italian brand was the first luxury brand to enter the NFT space and screened a film in collaboration with Alessandro Michele. The four-minute clip sold at Christie’s for $ 25,000 million.

H&M Looop Island

One of the biggest brands in the fast fashion industry in recent years that has taken many initiatives is H&M. its recent initiative was an in-store recycling system called Looop.

H&M Looop partnered with Animal Crossing to encourage its customers to recycle, not only in the physical world but also in Metaverse, where these values can be demonstrated once again. This initiative is known as one of the best NFTs.

These are the famous brands that have entered this game. What about you? Do you have a plan to enter Metaverse?


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