Solana games are famous for their innovative gameplay while making you explore new worlds and fight battles using the latest weapons and strategies. Since Solana is home to multiple impressive play-to-earn titles including Star Atlas, this article will look at five of the best Solana games to play in 2022 .

#5 Aurory: Play. Catch. Earn

The most famous Solana’s AAA game, Aurora is a JRPG game that lets players enjoy action and fantasy while harvesting the benefits of play-to-earn games.

Players have the chance of exploring the worlds of Antik and Cryptos as two distinct places and biomes, where you’ll encounter a diverse range of NPCs and Nefties. Players’ main challenge is to grab these Nefties and stored them as NFTs in their wallets, and use them to form a team to beat other players.

The generative NFTs that players can use as their Avatars in the game are called Aurorians.

There is AURY as the game’s native token which can be used for buying and customizing Nefties, buying NFTs like land and Aurorians. Aside from these and buying costumes, accessories, and participating in PvP battles, players can also amass AURY to earn more rewards or get NFT drops.

Genre: MMORPG. PvP.

#4 Cryowar: Adopt on the go

Cryowar is a real-time RPG game, which is happening in a medieval SCI-Fi world with never-ending battles.

The game’s story roots in battles between four gods over a land called Solania. The gods are Suller, the glacier god, Vulgar the desert god, Senemeer the god of shadows, and Lavaden, the god of firestorms.

Players should decide which god they want to fight for in battles, which have different objectives and an ever-changing atmosphere.

Cryowar token is CWAR, which players need for playing and in-game NFTs like skins and lands. Cryowar NFTs are available for purchase in the Cryowar marketplace and on Serum DEX.

Genre: Defi. MMORPG. PVP.

#3 Sorare: Own your game

the crypto-base fantasy football game, Sorare gained popularity due to being both a realistically amusing and lucrative game at once, attracting professional football players from various teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool.

Sorare gameplay is simple as the real-world football matches. But players are not limited to being football players; they can choose to be football managers to draft professional players, and their on-the-pitch performances during weekly matches are major keys to winning the game and earning the points.

Football players’ cards in Sorare are in-game NFT assets, and four different card rarities are distinguished by colors.

– Unique: A black card that can be minted only 1 card per 1 player. Unique cards can be traded and are the legendary that every Sorare player is dreaming of.

– Super Rare: A blue card minted up to 10 cards per 1 player.

– Rare: A red card minted up to 100 cards per 1 player.

– Limited: A yellow card with a most limited supply of 1,000 cards per 1 player.

When players first enter Sorare, they must choose their favorite three teams to draw three common cards as starters. Later they will be taken to Starter League Rookie to try their chance to become a football manager. To participate in the match, you will need to field 5 football players, including 1 goalkeeper, 1 striker, 1 midfielder, 1 defense, and 1 additional player.

Genre: Trading Card. Simulation. Sports video game

#2 Star Atlas: A world vast beyond imagination

As one of the most engaging Solana games, Star Atlas makes players explore the galaxy, mine resources, conquer lands, and participate in guild wars using the best of blockchain technology.

Based on its gameplay, Star Atlast starts in the year 2620, when the world has divided into three main parts:

– the Usturs, a group of conscious androids

– the ONI, a group of aliens

– the MUD, who are humans

All these groups are trying to build cities, develop macro economies, and even establish decentralized organizations. Meanwhile, they are constantly engaging in conflicts over resources and power. This is why each player has to choose a faction to be part of.

The RPG game players can also have a job including engineer, scientist, commander, aviator, entrepreneur, and cabin crew to develop their sect.

The in-game token, called ATLAS is used by players to buy in-game NFTs like spaceships, land, crew, and equipment. there is another token is used in the game, named POLIS which is awarded to players by staking their tokens and using them for game-based decision-making purposes.

Genre: DEFI. MMO. Space

#1 LadderCaster: Real-time mobile strategy & economy game

The game that its Alpha season has launched in recent days on Magic Eden is a real-time mobile strategy and NFT market economy game.

LadderCaster is a strategic game, which has combined elements of classic board games, ranking, and market features and integrated blockchain and NFT technology into its ecosystem.

The gameplay is simple like playing a board game online, just with thousands of other players at the same time, completing a map of three columns and thirty rows. Each row represents a different level, while the main goal is to level up your spellcasters, from level 1 to level 30, before the next ladder (season) begins.

Each character is an NFT who can master, find and equip items using the materials collected at a time. Players can have as many characters as they want, just as users can exchange any in-game resources or assets they gain through the game, as the game economy depends on the player’s own.

The native token is LADA which can be obtained through 3 different resources in the first season.


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