The leaders of the world economy have different views on bitcoin and blockchain. One of them is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, who has a dual view of the technology. As he embraces the blockchain, he looks at bitcoin with skepticism.

Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma although believes in how advanced blockchain technology is Insists that it still needs to prove it can help evolve society in a “greener and more inclusive” direction back in 2018, he called Blockchain technology a chance to change the world more than people imagine.

However, Ma has also called bitcoin a bubble, which is “just a tiny application” of blockchain. He once warned that the digital currency itself may be driven by torrid speculation the mogul founder has recently pointed to the matter, saying:

” Behind the bitcoin, the technology itself is really powerful The thing I want to know is what value and what things it can bring to society. Society can make everybody equal, make everybody inclusive to get the money they need and make sure its sustainable, inclusive, and transparent ”


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