Raven Cars is the world’s first luxury automaker to create an imaginary car that doesn’t physically exist because what you are watching is indeed an NFT. The Raven GT V12 supercar would be touchable only for your screens and digital car garage, as it aims to not only bridge the gap between reality and your dreams but also open up a more accessible form of NFT adoption.

RavenCars creates NXT concept cars, starting with the Raven GT, which is envisioned as a low-slung V12-powered coupe.

RavenCars aims to provide high-quality design services and accelerate NFT adoption .

So, the Raven GT looks like a decent 3D project with unique branding .

The model has the proportions of a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sportscar with a long hood and a low, sculpted body.

A large grille, sporty bumper intakes, and fender-mounted LED headlights are upfront .

On the front fenders, a panoramic windshield is merging with the side windows.

The rear end is quite aggressive with a coupe-style roofline, Jaguar-inspired slim LED taillights, and a large diffuser .

The NFT has been launched on the Behance platform .

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