Imagine a metaverse-based game of monopoly. But, instead of mere trading locations and gain rent, imagine that you could add your memories to a place and increase its value. That is precisely the thing that the MetaBlox project is doing. Share your interesting memories of a specific location with us.

Memories are the most valuable assets in this world.

This is the fundamental philosophy of MetaBlox, a network of NFTs connected to real locations.

The NFTs are bundles of photos representing memories of a specific place.

The owner of a certain virtual location can root memories in it.

All the virtual neighbors can see memories in real locations, using Augmented Reality.

By introducing memories, owners can add value to their property and earn MetaRent currency.

There are several factors that increase the value of an NFT.

The MetaBlox project is mainly focused on a specific factor: Meaning.

Memories give assets meaning, and meaning is the most durable component of value.

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