Doing business using DeFi and trading NFTs, is the new professional level of the crypto industry. But, in order to do all of that securely and easily, you have to use the right wallet. We have a 3-item list for you. Which one do you prefer?


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are storms that have hit the crypto industry.

But what are the best wallets to do business in these areas? We have a list for you.

#3 Math

Math Wallet is a multi-platform crypto wallet that offers mobile, desktop, and even hardware services.

The all-around wallet enables the storage of more than 50 blockchains and 3000 tokens.

#2 MetaMask

As they claim, MetaMask is a crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps.

It is an Ethereum Browser with centralized validation, so you don’t need to download the blockchain.

#1 Phantom

This digital wallet is tailored for Solana and Ethereum and is precisely built for DeFi.

You can do anything with tokens on the Solana blockchain safely and easily.

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