Polygon is a second-layer scaling solution on Ethereum. As an independent network, it supports many decentralized applications, including play-to-earn games. In this post, we went through the 5 largest PE2 games on this network. What do you think about Polygon and its P2E games? Do you think it can gain as much popularity as Ethereum?

Developers have thought of different solutions for this problem. Some of them have created other blockchains with the ability to support smart contracts and some others have developed layer-two solutions on Ethereum. Polygon is one of these layer-two solutions that has gained huge popularity.

Like other networks, Polygon hosts several decentralized applications, from decentralized exchanges to financial platforms and play-to-earn (P2E) games. In this article, we are going over the 5 most popular P2E games on Polygon. Stay with us.

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Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is a farming blockchain-based Metaverse game in which you must build your own empire, plant crops, mine rocks and gold, and collect resources. In return for all these, you earn the Sunflower Land token. You as a farmer can farm crops and other players can mine them. When the supply increases, the price lessons. So, pay attention that early farmers always make larger profits.

Sunflower Land now has more than 56k users and is the largest P2E game on Polygon. The total amount of incoming value to this game’s smart contract equals more than $12,000. Up to now, nearly 110,000 transactions have also been made to this smart contract.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a tower-defense, free-to-play, play-to-earn mobile game that pays its users with its native token called TOWER. It also has some functions within the game. It can be used to buy items such as game card NFTs, or pay the entry fees of the tournaments. Each unit of the TOWER token is now being traded for $0.021.

Crazy Defense Heroes is the second-largest game of Polygon. At the time of writing, it has more than 42,000 users. The total value of assets in this game’s smart contract equals $2,892 and 44,728 transactions have been sent to it.


Pegaxy is a horse racing game in which players have to compete with 15 other players for the top 3 placement. Users can upgrade their horses using food and different skills. It’s good to mention that besides racing their horses, players can rent and also sell them. If they win, they earn the platform’s utility token called VIS (standing for Vigorous).

Pegaxy is Polygon’s third-largest game and it has more than 37,000 users. The total value of assets in this game’s smart contract equals $185,000 and more than 197,000 transactions have also been made to it.


Aavegotchi is a collectible game consisting of rare creatures called “Aavegotchis”. So, it has some similarities with other collectible games like Axie Infinity and Cryptokitties which are so popular. Exactly like these two games, Avegotchi is also backed by the ERC721 standard.

It is the fourth-largest game on Polygon and it has 11,892 users. The total value of assets in this game’s smart contract equals $565,246. By now, 92,720 transactions have been made to this smart contract.


Arc8 is an e-sports blockchain game in which you have to crush your opponents and earn GMEE token. Arc8 consists of 10 games, belonging to the categories of puzzles, action, cards, and arcades. Playing Arc8, you must participate in one-to-one matches and tournaments. GMEE which is this game’s most recent token is being traded for $0.05.

It is the fifth-largest game on Polygon and has 7,680 users. The total value of assets in this game’s smart contract is more than $163,000 and 68,943 transactions have been made to it.


In this game, we went through the 5 most popular play-to-earn games on the Polygon network. We again insist that Polygon is a second-layer network on the Ethereum blockchain. As you see, this network has a large number of users and several decentralized applications have been developed on it. Have you ever played any of these games? If yes, how was your experience? And if not, what other play-to-earn games do you know or have you played?

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