What are NFT marketplaces and what are their use cases? In this article, we go through the biggest NFT marketplaces which you can explore or even use to sell some NFTs in the near future. In your opinion, which industry has the highest potential to benefit from the features of NFTs? The ownership right of gemstones seems a fascinating idea. What do you think?

How can I buy and sell NFTs? What are the largest NFT marketplaces?

Regarding the growing popularity of NFTs, this may be one of the most common questions.

Let’s first take a look at the concept of NFT marketplaces and their function.

NFT marketplaces are digital and online markets in which you can buy and sell NFTs.

NFT owners can put their NFTs for sale at their desired price.

Other users can visit the NFTs and choose one to buy.

After paying the determined price, the ownership of the NFT will be transferred to the buyer.

Several NFT marketplaces exist, but some of them are larger and more popular.

“OpenSea” is the largest and one of the most popular NFT marketplaces.

It hosts a wide range of NFTs, from art pieces to sports collections and domain names.

“Rarible” is another popular marketplace with its focus on digital art.

“SuperRare” is another NFT marketplace that cooperates with a few conceptional artists.

From other large NFT marketplaces, we can refer to “Nifti Gateway” and “Foundation”.

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