If you want to profit from NFT trading, you should identify the most valuable ones. It is a hard task to carry out on your own, and you need the proper tools for it. In this video, we introduce 5 useful tools for trading NFTs. Which tool do you use?

There is talk of the metaverse and NFTs everywhere In order to profit from NFT trading, you should track and collect the rarest and most valuable ones But Rarity calculation and tracking is difficult for people, and they need special tools for that So here are 5 NFT trading tools you can leverage in 2022:


It is useful in identifying and analyzing top NFT collections in the market.

You can also build a personal portfolio and track your favorite NFTs.

NFT OnChained

Using this tool, you can estimate the fair value of underpriced NFTs.

The feature is called the “Screener” and is the best at allowing you the best NFT to purchase.


As you know, Rarity is the main parameter influencing the price, and this tool is the best at calculating it.

The tool is extremely user-friendly and makes targeting rare NFTs an easy task.


The oldest established name in keeping track of the NFT market.

It features the most trending NFTs in the market and provides you with helpful data like sale volume.

Upcoming NFT

It gives you the heads-up about any “upcoming” NFT drop, project, auction, etc.

On the other hand, if you want to launch an NFT project, it can give you valuable visibility .

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