Emerged in late 2021, Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) wants to be known as the first cross-IP PvP game (Player vs Player) of the NFT universe, allowing the holders of different NFT collections to interact and battle each other to win and earn rewards by the play-to-earn mechanism of the game. CyberKongz, BAYC, Animetas, BOTB, Wicked Craniums, and Alien Boy are among the collections you can play with. GFC is a cross-platform (PC & Mobile) fighting game where players can play with characters from GFC’s official partners that include CyberKongz, Illuvium, BYOPills, and many more as well as projects with CC0 rights such as Cryptoadz. This means that if you, for example, have a CyberKongz NFT, you can use that character to play the game. GFC’s mission is claimed to be the Nintendo of Web3, but rather than franchises coming together in a closed loop, GFC aims for the interoperability of digital assets in an open ecosystem where it’s the players who own the IP, not the company.

As mentioned before, Galaxy Fight Club is a real-time PvP game in which you can log in with an NFT you’ve already bought and battle using that same NFT character. GFC’s in-game utility currency is the GCOIN which covers every activity in the game such as opening loot boxes with keys, upgrading weapons, and training new Gen 2 fighters. GCOIN holders can stake their tokens in their wallets to make passive income. Participating and succeeding in Team tournaments will earn you Ether or GCOIN. The weapons and loot that are collected in the game can then be sold in the open market.

Depending on what avatar you start the game with, you get a different type of loot or award in the game. There are multiple ways you can play the game:

You can play as a fighter, upgrade your weapons and armor, and train a top-tier Gen 2 fighter.

You can play as a manager when you have some NFTs and want to invest in them.

You can become a crafter/trainer, study the game and forge the best weapons and train the strongest second-generation fighters to sell on the secondary market for profit.

And eventually, you can play as a scholar and rent out fighters that will help you earn items that you can later sell to compensate the cost of renting and make some profits, and even level up your account.

Two main factors determine the outcome of a battle in equal circumstances:

1. The overall strength of your Fighter decided by their traits

2. Your skills

The reasoning behind this is that they don’t want GFC to be a pay-to-win game where a rare fighter with strong armor and weapons will automatically win over everyone else, although they have a significant advantage over others.

In terms of the battle arenas, they’ve decided to go with the Cyberpunk theme and there are lots of obstacles in the way.

Three factors determine the overall strength of your fighter:

Race (25%)

Clothes (Armour) (25%)

Weapon (50%)

As a general rule, the stats of a race, armor, or weapon is closely related to their rarity which means a rare race with a rare weapon will almost always be stronger than one that is more common.

The progression in GFC has two systems:

1. Ranking (trophies)

2. Leveling (experience points)

Your rank can be between 1 and 40 and is determined by your trophy number, fewer trophies mean a lower rank, and vice versa. Your ranking in turn determines the League you are playing at.

Your level can also be between 1 and 40 and is determined by your experience points. Advancing to the next level becomes exponentially harder and requires more experience points.


To start your journey in Galaxy Fight Club, first, you need to create an account and connect it to a digital wallet such as MetaMask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect. Then you need to buy a Galaxy Fighter. All Galaxy Fighters are now out of stock and secondary markets are your only options to find and purchase them. Finally, you can install the game on your device and enjoy the ride!

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