People who have invested some money in cryptocurrencies get really nervous when prices start going down. But this is not the case with MicroStrategy. The company stays hopeful about BTC’s future, although it has lost billions of dollars.

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be stressful when the market fluctuates.

Just imagine you have invested $4B in bitcoin. Now how are you feeling?

This is the story of MicroStrategy, bitcoin’s top corporate holder.

Over the years, the company has invested almost $4B in bitcoin as protection against USD devaluation.

Now all its 129,218 bitcoins are worth around $2.7B. But, the company is going to buy and hold more BTC .

There are three main questions to reflect upon about this story:

As MicroStrategy’s market cap is around only $1.7B, is BTC investing a side business or the core one?

Does entering more institutional investors into the crypto market, form a bond between crypto and other markets?

Is investing in cryptocurrency just a “lousy hedge against inflation and market turmoil”?

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