Even if you live at the south pole you would have heard about NFT. But the thing you might not know is how to create and sell an NFT. So, the video definitely suits you.

The first step in this way contains four things:

– Your song, artwork, or collectible

– Some crypto to pay the minting fee

– A cryptocurrency wallet to store your crypto

– Picking a blockchain to create your NFT on

The next question may be can it be both digital items and real-world artworks to put as an NFT?

It can be both, while it is not common for physical collectibles to be presented as an NFT.

However, real-world bodies like Christie’s even auctioned off the physical blockchain-inspired NFT.

How to mint an NFT

There are several platforms you can choose to mint your work.

And how to mint in each is its own, but some steps are common among all .

– choose the platform and connect your crypto wallet to begin. Fill in all of your NFT’s details and upload your work.

– You can then view your NFT or put it for sale. If you want to transfer it, you will have to pay the minting fee.

What platform can I use?

It is based on your personal choice and the blockchain you want to use.

If you want to trade your token, it’s probably best to choose a platform that has a marketplace you are familiar with.

What is your experience? tell us about it .

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