Cryptocurrency trading and exchanging is extremely popular these days. It’s no surprise, given that the price of Ethereum is rapidly rising, people are inclining towards learning how to buy cryptocurrency securely. 

With ETH value going up, individuals are naturally expecting a return on their initial investment. Today, the network provides a number of options for selling cryptocurrency.  

Ethereum can be readily cashed out using an online crypto exchange. You can also use peer-to-peer networks. However, the most secure and fastest way to exchange ETH to USD is via an OTC crypto exchange platform.  

This blog will go over how to buy cryptocurrency and best ways to exchange crypto with cash in detail.  

How to Buy Cryptocurrency: Buy Ethereum Securely

The conversion rate of Ethereum has increased as its price has risen. Throughout this year, the price is gradually increasing. This is the first time in the history of Ethereum that a price surge like this has occurred.  

In this Ethereum conversion trend, people employ various strategies to exchange their Ethereum according to their needs. If you’ve just bought Ethereum for the first time and are having trouble figuring out how to sell it for USD or AED, you’re not alone. Many websites offer selling services, but it’s tough to tell which ones are genuine.  

Crypto Desk is one of the greatest OTC cryptocurrency trading platforms in the UAE. Do you want to know how to buy cryptocurrency (or sell) in few steps via an OTC trading platform? Here’s how: 

  • Visit our website to know the latest exchange rates. 
  • Contact one of our representatives for a secure exchange of ETH to USD or AED. 
  • Tell us the amount you would want to sell. 
  • Go through a simple verification process.  
  • Get the cash in a few minutes in your provided bank account (or other payment methods suitable to you). 

You can also buy BTC with cash following the above-mentioned simple steps

How Much Time Does It Takes to Cash Out ETH?

When deciding how to cash out Ethereum (or how to buy cryptocurrency), you must consider the three points in the process that can result in lengthy wait times. 

  • To begin with, the process of transferring Ethereum from your wallet to the exchange can be lengthy. The longer it takes, the more congested the network is. Ethereum has increased in popularity in recent years and has a fast blockchain, so this step should not slow down your transaction. 
  • Second, depending on the method you choose for order fulfillment, you may have to wait for your order to be fulfilled. If you’ve placed an order, you’ll need to wait for it to be filled. If you choose to fill an order, you can withdraw Ethereum right away.
  • Third, you must withdraw the funds from your bank account when the exchange order has been completed. This withdrawal is normally made via wire transfer and takes several working days to complete. 

However, when you cash out ETH via our OTC crypto exchange platform, the process takes minimal time.  

How to Buy Altcoins with USD

Buying Altcoins with cash is a simple and quick procedure. Simply, visit our OTC crypto trading platform in Dubai, tell us your preferences and buy your desired crypto instantly. Direct bank transfer is also applicable via a UAE-based bank; the transaction will be completed in a few minutes.  

Now you know how to buy cryptocurrency instantly. You can also buy Bitcoin with direct cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer.  

Which Crypto to Buy Today

Track cryptocurrency exchange rate in real-time on our website and to know which crypto is performing best today. Your ideal choices can be BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE and BNB.  

In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, buying and mining Ethereum is exciting and rewarding because it is a quickly rising crypto. If you want to buy something outside of the Ethereum network with your Ethereum assets, you’ll need to know how to convert ETH to USD. 

Looking for more information about how to buy cryptocurrency via an OTC platform? Talk to our experts today.

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