Whales are entities that can make big waves and change small fishes’ life and ocean movements forever. They are truly the ones -individuals, institutions, and exchanges- who have a huge amount of a particular token.



In markets, whales are individuals, institutions, and exchanges, who have a huge amount of a particular token.

Pantera Capital, Charlie Shrem, and so-called Satoshi Nakamoto are examples of famous whales who are holding enough cryptocurrency that can control the exchange rate of it.

A market balance is based on supply and demand relations.

When a whale decides to gather more coins at a lowers cost, it starts to sell a considerable amount of its assets.

The decision leads to a downward trend in which the coin’s liquidity at a lower price, increases.

It can then easily repurchase more coins, for a lower cost.

Keeping the new coins in its hand, the price of the coins surges as the whale coins’ value.

This is how whales can preserve or disrupt the market balance.

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