Do you prefer software wallets or cold ones? Each person has a different opinion and actually different purposes regarding wallets. But if you are going to use a hot wallet to store and trade your Bitcoins you’d better check out the list of “best software wallet for Bitcoin” we made for you.

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BTC market is worth hundreds of billion dollars

All this wealth should be stored in secure and reliable spaces

But other features like easy access and low-cost trading are also important

Software wallets are designed for keeping the Bitcoins safe while providing useful features

But which wallet is the best? Let’s dive into “The Top4 BTC Software Wallets”

#5 Exodus

It is suitable for the ones holding a diverse crypto portfolio

It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and sync with hardware wallets like Exodus and Trezor

#4 Wasabi

Wasabi provides open-source storage with desktop access for Mac, Windows, and Linux

It is suitable for users who pay special attention to transparency

#3 Atomic

Atomic guarantees a high level of security based on the strong encryption and custody-free solution it uses

Since no accounts, no verification and no KYC is needed, no one can block your crypto

#2 CoinSmart

The best thing about CoinSmart is its ability to convert crypto to fiat on the same day

It has an instant verification, but you should also know that it has limited crypto support

#1 Pionex

This wallet is especially suitable for high-frequency trading because of its free trading bots

You can trade Bitcoin on margins and futures with very low fees

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