If you are going to trade and manage different cryptocurrencies, you need a wallet that is secure and easy enough to use for such purposes. The list of multi-cryptocurrency wallets can go as long as the currencies themselves, but we have a Top3 for you. Have you used one of these wallets? What do you think about them?

Many people are only interested in Bitcoin or Ethereum, but others like to mix things up.

So they have to possess a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that supports various coins, networks, and functions.

We have a list of the Top3 such wallets, and we would like to hear your opinions about them.

#3 Atomic

Atomic is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet that uses BitTorrent technology for distributed order book.

It has strong encryption and custody-free solution, so its security level is high.

#2 Exodus

The famous multi-cryptocurrency claims to have the easiest-to-use UI.

Its built-in exchange allows you to trade numerous coins with each other easily.

#1 Trust

Binance acquired Trust Wallet in 2018, and now the wallet supports Binance DEX and Binance Chain natively.

The ever-improving features of Trust, like providing a decentralized exchange by Kyber Network, make it the best wallet.

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