6 ways to Make Money with Crypto in 2022

Since Bitcoin proves to be worthy, lots of people make a U-turn to enter crypto markets; investors, entrepreneurs, and ordinary people like us who may be more conservative are drawn to the market. But the main question might be “how can we safely earn money in the cryptic market?”



Lending or borrowing

borrowers, pledge some of their capital to lenders, who offer borrowers cash or more cryptocurrencies and receive interest from them.

buying and holding

You can choose your favorable crypto assets and buy the dip. After a while, the assets can be sold at a significant overall profit.

Dive and trade!

You have to buy and sell in good time, so it is stressful yet promising.

Try Airdrops

Developers do airdrops when they need support for a new cryptocurrency. Thus, they give the free coin to try to adopt platforms.


One of the oldest is mining, but it is not a cheap way; you have to have an initial investment with the support of a technical team.


Dividends are small cash payments made to shareholders; it is not a lot but it’s a way to make money.

All things said, which one is your favorite?