Since Solana has positioned itself as the host of the most exciting gaming projects, it is wise to pop in on it from time to time. So, let’s see what games it has for us.

Project Eluüne

StarGarden is the commencement of Project Eluüne.

The fragments of land, called StarGardens, are floating around the tribes’ homeland universe.

And expanding as players complete quests and win battles.

Tiny Colony

in the expansive pixelated metaverse, players can establish their colony If a colony is built and managed correctly, players would earn tokens by joining quests or participating and wagering in battles.


The game has combined the nurture and evolution of ‘Tamagotchi,’ the training and battling of ‘Pokemon,’ and the fitness and social incentives of ‘Strava’ While rewarding players with crypto for staying active in their daily lives.


Robotic roosters and hens will fight in a hilarious combat sport during the game.

Nyan Heroes

The PlayAndEarn Battle Royale is where players use NFT characters in wars against others in a shooter-style action game.

Which one is your favorite?

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